Thursday, March 24, 2011

Geography-Scaled map and whether Singapore river will change in the future

Snap shot from google map of Singapore river from Coleman Bridge to Anderson's Bridge

Drawn Scaled map:

Using the scale 1cm to 3.125 km (bottom left of image)

Panoramic view of Singapore River from Coleman Bridge

Using photographic evidences, do you think the shape course of the SIngapore river will change? Why?
Singapore river might have little modifications, however, the overall shape will still remain the same.

Singapore River is one of the most significant river in Singapore. It was where Sir Stamford Raffles' landed in Singapore. Playing an important role in the Singapore History, the government will want to remain its original shape.
However, as time passed, the areas, railings surrounding the river might need some modification. Due to rising economy and the advancement in technology, they might need to "upgrade" the river.
For example, in the past, the river was dirty due to people polluting it. In the present, there are cleaners helping us clear the litter found in the water. In the future, due to different inventions, devices might be used to keep the waters clean.

Due to global warming, this staircase might not come in use in the future. It might be submerged by water.

In the future, the sides of the river might need some modification.


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