Thursday, March 24, 2011

History Civilisations.

One civilization that we have chosen : Hill-Tribe (Southeast Asia)Civilization

Overview of civilization:
This civilization include the Hmong, Yao, Akha, Karen and Lolo hilltribes of the mainland, as well as the Dayaks, Bataks and Nias of island Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asian Civilization is defined as “ East of India and South of China”
It covers 10% of total Asian area and is one of world’s densely populated region.

Problems faced by civilians:
1. Lack of resources for independent survival
2. Lack of knowledge in metal
3. Natural disasters such as volcanic eruption
4. Presence of much disputes when choosing the next king
5. Picracy

How they solve it:
1. 2.Many people engaged in trade. Their main item of trade are spices.
- By engaging in trade, they earn a living and a job to support their families. Trading contacts also brought them knowledge on the use of metals more effectively.
- They are also able to spread their religion, to be known to the rest of the world
3. The rulers of Mataram shifted their capital from central to east Java.
4. Kingdoms adopted the Hindu rule of hereditary succession, whereby the eldest son will take over the throne.
5. Rulers sent navies to crush the pirates. They also employed the orang laut(people who lived in boats) to act as officials keeping watch over important sea routes.

Impacts of current society:
- The Khmer Empire covered all of present day Cambodia and large parts of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam- The current Southeast Asia continent is a vertile link in spice trade.

- Between AD 200 - 1200, many rulers of mainland Southeast Asian Kingdoms adopted Hinduism, built temples in worship of Hindu gods and adopted the idea divine kingship. Therefore, the current idea of Hinduism is in accordance to it.

- Came to Southeast Asia around AD 300, Buddhism is one of the major religion. Many in the Southeast Asia worship Buddhist gods.

- In the current days, people built religious monuments to show respect to their gods.


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