Friday, March 25, 2011

Singapore River. Inferences.

Along Singapore river, we made some inferences according to the structure factors there. These inferences apply to both the past and in the present:

Inference 1
The river was once polluted in the past and present
Along Singapore river, we saw some litter floating in the river. The river was also seen brown in color, stilling. There are cleaning using nets to clean up the litter in the Singapore river.
From this, we can see that the water is being polluted both in the past and the present.

Inference 2
Many people visited the river
The river was once polluted, therefore, the people should be the one polluting the river. As, the water quality of the water isn’t that good. Also, the walkway along the river is very broad, allowing many people to used it for trading purposes at the same time.
Therefore, the river is seen polluted.

Inference 3.
Many people lived alongside of the river.
There are buildings around Singapore River, and most of the buildings are very old-looking. Therefore, we inferred that many people lived alongside of the river.

Activities carried out along the river in the early days
1. Expansion of trade and business
- Ships stopped there to import goods into a country
- Market and trading area are located along the river
- Singapore is a free trading port for businessman to carry out trade easily

Activities carried out along the river in the present days
1. Tourist attraction
- Many visit to learn about the history of this significant river in Singapore
- Dragon boats cruise are available for visitors to understand the history and structure of the Singapore river.

2. Eateries and stores selling souvenirs.
- Eateries along the river provides much luxury when eating and enjoying the river view at the same time.
- Souvenirs might portray the significance this river have been in the past.


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